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It has been a fantastic year for me guitar wise.  Lots of changes and growth in the classical guitar community.  With the growth and development that we’ve seen, and the work that has been invested, it is sometimes hard to believe that we aren’t further ahead.  This resulted in an attitude check on my behalf.  The reason is, classical guitar in Regina is still a very very small and isolated market.  So the fact that it has grown as much as it has so far is really a credit to that hard work that we have invested.

There is still a lot more work ahead of me, and this also requires a re-focus on my objectives to ensure that I’m on track and not overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.  Winter for me has been the most productive season for guitar development.  Less yard work, cold weather, and very cold weather inspire me to wood shed in my basement studio.  To capitalize on the frosty season of hibernation, I am looking to focus on my practice more efficiently, and spend my time more productively musically wise.  When I’m awake, and can’t sleep, practice guitar.  Watching TV, practice guitar.  Not practicing guitar, then working on my theory and harmony.  When I’m not focused on practicing my music, I will be helping my kids with their music practice.  All this and further developing my music pedagogy, learning to become a better teacher for my students and the guitar community.

All that and to clean out the basement too.  That may be a bit much, but I’ll tackle that task one corner at a time!

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