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Time bandits was an awesome movie.  Sadly, the real time bandits just suck big time!  I’m talking about the little things in the day that eat away at your available time.  They seem unavoidable and they always crop up.  Laundry is a bad, never ending time thief.  I don’t mind the quick break every 40 minutes to switch a load from the washer to the dryer.  Folding laundry isn’t so convenient though.  Usually that’s when I like to take in a bit of a TV break.  I don’t feel half as bad watching some silly program when I’m folding laundry, because I’m folding laundry.  Email, Facebook, eating, making food to eat all adds up in the day and takes away from practice time.


Early on in my guitar studies, it was emphasised to have a schedule and a practice plan.  It’s all fine to say that you will practice 1 hour, or 3 hours every day.  It’s quite another if you don’t actually have that time to practice.  You don’t want to feel guilty that you aren’t focused on your practice when it actually impossible for you.  This just leads to a vicious cycle where you beat yourself up.  My first attempt at my recent schedule looked great, I blocked out my work and sleep for my work days, kids activities.  Then I looked at all the wonderful white space and was excited about how much practice I could get.  Then I realised, I didn’t block out sleeping time on my days off.  Sleep is so important!!  My schedule was far less open.

This morning, I normally would have been dead to the world after finishing my night shift.  This week though, I’m off due to medical issues.  I woke up at 8 am and spent 2 and a half hours getting ready.  This included a half hour for stretching.  Focused mainly on legs, neck and arms.  Neck and arms are critical to be loose and limber for guitar, and legs, because of all the sitting I do.  My legs complain a lot!  I had to be careful not to put any torsion on my midsection.  Luckily, my back has been doing well.  I had a good half hour warm up session.  A little break now and back to more practice.  My goal today is sight reading and review of some basic pieces. Then I will pick up Julia Florida again, review what I have down, and add to it.

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