Symphony Under the Sky draws music lovers to Wascana Park

Global News : Sunday, August 19, 2012 6:15 PM


Reginans gathered in Wascana Park Sunday for the Symphony Under the Sky music festival, put on by the Regina Symphony Orchestra. It’s an event that draws crowds every year, whether to have a bite at one of the many food vendors, take part in an art workshop, or even get a ten minute massage. But there’s one thing that keeps people coming back: the music. 

Sunday afternoon saw eight different bands play. Most of them were local artists from Regina. 

“I feel like we can bring people who don’t normally come to see our upbeat rock shows, and give them a taste of something different,” said Judd Stachoski, a member of the local band The Bystanders. 

This event was a chance for Stachoski and many others to get their names out, and at the same time, help draw in a crowd for the symphony orchestra, which was performing in the evening. After all, even though the RSO’s ricket sales are going strong, not everyone is into classical music. This event was the orchestra’s way of saying, ‘come give me a try.’ 

“Once people see what the orchestra can do… a lot of people do come out after that [to watch us],” said Colin Neufeld, who organized this event. 

It’s not only the RSO that benefits from this festival, either. 

“It exposes young people to classical music, and… we really appreciate that,” said Derek Arvidson from the Regina Classical Guitar Society. 

With over 70 volunteers on hand to keep things running, this festival was no easy task to plan and manage. But this year, it seemed to go off without a hitch.

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