We are a community based not for profit organization that promotes music through Classical Guitar with public performances, community outreach and educational programs.

We host social events and monthly meetings to support classical guitarists. The focus of our monthly meetings is on the promotion of music through classical guitar.  We provide presentations of topics of interest and concern to our members on various aspects of music in general and specifically to classical guitar.   We also host musical performances at our meetings for our members by our members or guest performers.  We welcome all musical styles and instruments to present their art and insights in music and for collaboration with our society for the benefit of our members and the community.

Members of all skill levels are encouraged and welcome to perform or enjoy observing our performances. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience playing in front of a patient, supportive, and considerate audience. We wish to share our passion for music and all performances are appreciated. Performing at the monthly meetings is not a requirement of membership and is only encouraged up to the comfort level of each member.
We will provide education opportunities to our membership and the community through the experience of sharing the knowledge of our members, as well as by hosting master classes and workshops by concert guitarists, performers and professionals in the music industry.

Our group is open to any person who has a passion for classical guitar or music in general, who wish to foster a broader understanding in music and specifically, in classical guitar. We endeavor to accommodate all persons regardless of their ability capacity or financial situation to participate in our society.  We strive to manage our business and activities in such a way so as to provide the best quality of service that we are able to our community and members.


The Regina Classical Guitar Society mission is to serve as a not for profit organization to promote classical guitar in all aspects for the community and our members.  We strive for excellence to serve all segments of the Regina and area population by facilitating top level educational and concert programming for the classical guitar. We seek out opportunities to serve and support our youth and those in need through our guitar outreach programs. 



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