It is one thing to play classical guitar privately in your home, performing guitar is another element all together different.  Whether it is with family or a few friends who may also happen to play guitar as well, or on a stage before an attentive audience.    There is some comfort in performing on stage in a rock band with your mates around you, working together supporting each other to put on a show.  With classical guitar however, you are on your own!  With every mistake, there are no drums or pounding bass to cover over a slip.  You are there alone, and it’s up to you skill as a performer to work through a fumble and play on, improvising if need be to the next passage for recovery.

There are aspects of performance that can be taught, which are documented in countless books, but the real proof and elements for understanding come from actually performing your material!

A goal of expanding my repertoire is to add pieces to my performance program.  The majority of my material is drawn from the Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire and studies.  My current program of music consists of over 21 pieces memorized for a set of just over 30 minutes in its entirety.  With my involvement with the Regina Classical Guitar Society, I have had the opportunity to perform these pieces and learn more about the experience of performing.  Whether it be a public performance in Victoria park, a private supper performance, or a charity event for several hundred guests, I am actively seeking new opportunities to grow as a performing classical guitarist.


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