I was once told not too long ago, that as a sufferer of seriously debilitating Crohn’s disease and undergoing surgery for the same, that I wasn’t dedicated and committed enough for guitar and was denied access to education with classical guitar. Yes, I missed classes due to either infections or inflammations which limited my mobility and activity. My lessons were paid up to date, and at no time did I expect a refund or a makeup class. I took each lesson I was able and worked through to the next. Likewise, the time between classes, I worked and studied as hard as I could. So being told that I wasn’t dedicated enough, to the point that the instructor didn’t have the decency to even return my calls or emails after my recovery from┬ásurgery, was astounding! I was even shocked when I finally did get through and was told why, that I was wasting the instructors time. This was just simply amazing! I could have argued, fought and begged to continue my studies with that teacher, but there would be no respect or dignity left after that.

With 8va Classical Guitar Studio, and my work with the Regina Classical Guitar Society, I am totally committed to see that all such barriers are removed for the access to classical guitar training. Further to that, I will work ever so diligently to ensure that the dignity of each student is preserved and their confidence is encouraged every step of the way. With community and school projects, partnerships with organizations such as CNIB and the City of Regina, we will be able to reach out to those who desire and deserve to fulfill their wishes to explore music to the fullest of their abilities! As long as there is respect, desire and a need, there will be guitar for all who seek it!




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