Regina Classical Guitar Society is a not for profit organization that seeks to promote and support classical guitar in Regina and area. As well as supporting the community with outreach programs and performances, RCGS hosts regular meetings, free to anyone with an interest in music and classical guitar.  You can reach us on the web, or through facebook to find out about our programs, performances and meetings.  Ask us how we can help your community or charity program or projects!

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 Community Classical Guitar   This is my facebook group page for those interested in development of the fundamentals of classical guitar and classical music.  This is where I explore and share elements of my studies in CG and music theory.


Classical Guitar Alive       A weekly Internationally broadcast radio program featuring music, interviews with many of the foremost guitarists and composers.  Hosted by Tony Morris, look for broadcast times and stations for online listening.

Live365   A free online streaming internet radio site.  Many genres of music and programming to choose from, with international and local stations.  Look for stations such as “Crazy About The Guitar”, “10 String Guitar” and “”    Visit Rob Reid as he explores and shares all things CG.  Interviews, videos, links, articles involving all aspects of classical guitar can be found here.  Don’t forget to also check out , where Rob and his good friend Jonah Snyder break down technique in lessons for classical guitar and more.  Don’t forget to drop a note, say hi and ask questions while you are there!

Head Start Classical Guitar Training    Add one more from Rob Reid and Jonah Snyder.  Putting their knowledge and experience together from Dalhousie University, they bring you a unique classical guitar training program.  For the cost less than a single lesson, you get the benefit of all their hard work top level video lessons.  These feature multiple simultaneous video angles for each lesson.  You also have the bonus of NO monthly fees!  All learning, all the time and ultra-affordable.

Austin Classical Guitar Society   Every guitar society is special and holds a valued place in every community.  The ACGS however deserves a special mention through it’s innovation and program development for classical guitar as a whole.  They excel in their outreach and education programs under the direction of Dr. Matthew Hinsley who is the Executive Director.  ACGS is making a difference and changing lives of those they work with and through, showing success after success with their work!  Check them out, see what classical guitar and dedication can do!


Ricci Adams’ Music   A wonderful and extremely valuable web resource for any guitarist, no matter the style!  Whether you wish to learn more about theory, or work on training drills from notes to fretboard with customizable exercises.  This is the place to be!  Also available on iphone and ipad apps, but not Android.  It will however work on Android browsers.


Artistworks Online Music Campus  Take your playing skills to the nth level.  Artistworks has brought together a variety of master performers and teachers for various instruments and numerous styles.  One just happens to be for Classical Guitar which is taught by none other than Jason Vieaux!  Jason is one of the leading educators and touring performing virtuosos with classical guitar.  Co-founder of the Guitar Department at The Curtis Institute of  Music, head of the Guitar Department of the Cleveland Institute of Music, a member of the  Advisory Board of the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA), and is affiliated  with Philadelphia’s Astral Artists.  The lesson library and Video Exchange gives you the highest level of training for the least cost and unprecidented access to a master guitarist.  Video exchanges are like mini master classes shared with all classical guitar students.  It’s an amazing experience, only thing better would be being there in person!


European Guitar Teachers Association  During my studies to support teaching, I found this site dedicated to classical guitar pedagogy.  They have really good articles in regards to teaching teaching methods.  I’ll be taking my time on this site.


 Delcamp Online Classical Guitar Forum   An ultimate online forum and classical guitar resource hosted and funded by Jean-François Delcamp who is currently a Professor at the Brest Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama. All manner of resources are to be found here, expert advice from instructors to luthiers to concert performers and composers – any and all aspects of classical guitar.  All for free!  Well, mostly free.  Membership is secured through participation, one post gives you one month of membership.  Mr. Delcamp has also started his free lessons program to his members, as well as his vast library of public domain music.  Public domain is the key at Delcamp, no copyright material is allowed without express permission from the author.  Here you will also find original compositions and have the opportunity to discuss with the composer their work.  A grand site to be seen!

Classical Guitar Canada: Classical Guitar Blog   This is an all round review of classical guitar, with what’s going on out and about, not just in Canada.  It is hosted by Bradford Werner, a teacher, performer who is also a member of the Victoria Guitar Trio.  There you will find lots of articles and even a free beginner method e-book.  Wherever you go on the internet in regards to classical guitar, you will find reference to or articles from the Classical Guitar Blog.

Renato Bellucci  An incredible website for guitarists and music enthusiasts to explore.  Such a rich history and portrayal of a life of clasical guitar.  You can get lost in the imagery of the descriptions of events and people, or with the pictures themselves.  A truely rich experience to explore.  For an added bonus, there is some elite examples of technique, and for the hard core, you can subrscribe for his online lessons.  $290 US per year, seriously!  That’s just about $24 per month!!

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