Nils Lofgren charges $20 for an hour music lesson for beginners.  Who is Nils Lofgren?  At age 17, Nils played with Neil Young and Crazy Horse.  The multi-instrumentalist had a successful solo career and later joined up with Mr. Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band beginning with the Born in the USA tour, and rejoined with Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt after the band broke up and reformed.  Nils mentioned that one of his lessons might be good for 2 weeks for some, or one week for another, when you are ready, you book your next lesson whenever.  Could you imagine having that opportunity to work with an artist like that.

There is a reason music teachers charge what they do for lessons, whether it’s $20 per hour, or half hour, or even free.  Sometimes, it’s to earn their living, other times they charge for their credentials and experience.  Generally, it’s a passion, and other times, it’s not about the money, but for the opportunity to share with their students the joy of making music.

At 8va Classical Guitar Studio, I believe in a balance.  I have qualifications and I like to earn a living.  That’s why I have established the programs and fee schedules that I have.  I’m not Nils Lofgren, but I do enjoy sharing the power of learning, and I believe that barriers of cost, time and ability should not restrict any person, youth or adult from the opportunity of learning to play an instrument.  Especially for classical guitar.  To get people started, I have free seasonal lessons to introduce classical guitar for the absolute beginner.  It’s for classical guitar only though, so please leave your steel string axe at home.  If you want some lessons on the steel string guitar, try Nils if you have the opportunity, or I could recommend a local guitarist that specializes in steel string acoustic guitars.

By the way, Nils also studied classical music as well as jazz and seriously learned accordion when he as young.  I’m sure for your $20, he could show you some pretty serious musicality, but since he’s teaching to beginners, you’ll probably learn G, C and D.  Once you have those down, who knows where he would take you! Boy what a lesson that would be.

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