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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have exciting plans for the brand new year ahead.  I had a wonderful time with my family, despite a run of the flu and the extreme cold weather.  The last couple months I have been distracted from my usual focus, and this is where I make my New Year’s resolve.  I’m going to be a bit selfish and work on more ‘me’ time.  That is, more professional musical development and less busy work in other musical activities.  I also will be working on my quest for sleep and improving my own general health to further support my musical activities.  Rest, health and music when combined with family make for a great quality of life.

My musical focus will be spent on a focus for my advanced repertoire study, development of my musical understanding and more recordings.  My goal for this year will be on performance, both live and recorded.

A special thanks to Cobb Swanson Music for their great $2 boxing day sale!  I was able to pick up several great theory books that I will be distributing to my students.  Sure, they are old, but theory doesn’t change, and for $2, that’s a nice bit of change in return.  The books that we will be using are the “Lawless Theory Course Preliminary Rudiments” 2nd Edition.  I studied from the “Lawless Total Theory” for my RCM theory exam.  All the information I needed for the exam were contained in that one book.  This is the first portion of the book that I used which will get my students started in an sound understanding of music theory. 

The next book is “Keyboard Theory – Intermediate Rudiments” by Grace Vandendool.  Don’t be confused by the keyboard theory portion of the title.  If you are going to pursue the RCM theory exam, you will be exposed to both treble and bass clefs and need to be familiar with reading and writing in both.

Another of my dreams is being fulfilled, one of our Christmas presents includes a 6″ reflecting telescope to arrive early this month.  Along with the telescope I have also subscribed for a family membership with the Royal Regina Astronomical Society.  I have always wanted to organize guitar outings, and now I may be able to combine them into a larger event that including musical BBQ and Star Party.  I will be posting updates as its progress as I go.

Warm up before practicing, keep warm by playing and before we know it, spring will be here!

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