Music is a priority for a healthy community.  It is also necessary for youth to be involved in the learning and creation of music.  It is true, that there are some elements of music taught in the school system.  Those who excel in music though are not limited to the school system for their education, likewise the range of instruments and content in the school system is limited, mainly toward band instruments.

The majority of the accomplished music students in school take extra-curricular classes in piano, or their desired instrument.  Costs for private classes, especially for families with more than one child can be an exorbitant burden!   These costs are further exasperated when there is a diversity of instruments that children wish to specialize in, and compounded with sporting or other outside activities.

When money becomes a factor, many families choose to compromise their children’s opportunity for quality learning.

As president and an active member of the Regina Classical Guitar Society, I am always looking at ways to bring classical guitar to those who through circumstances find quality music education inaccessible.

Therefore, 8va Classical Guitar Studio offers a unique opportunity for free classical guitar lessons during various sessions through the year.  These classes are open for new classical guitarists who have never registered with 8va Classical Guitar Studio.  The application process to the free classical guitar program is dependent on and consists of an entrance interview, completed application form, agreement to studio and program policies and a onetime, non-refundable registration fee to 8va Classical Guitar Studio.  Space is limited, and when available, classes run for one of 4 sessions, spring, summer, fall and winter courses.   Please enquire for start and end dates for each session.  Requirements for the class include a classical guitar ( which can be rented for as low as $12 per month ), foot rest, tuner, metronome and consistent attendance is mandatory.

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