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Oh to enjoy the wealth spring of youth and the energies therein! The best laid plans of time can be laid waste to a lack of energy and fatigue. This is a growing dilemma facing those precious moments allocated for guitar practice. You can try and struggle through a rigorously scheduled practice time when your head is clouded with thoughts of sleep and not make any headway. Being properly rested is an essential ingredient for productive and focused practice. I have noticed lately that losing even one hour of sleep will have drastic effects on my alertness the next morning. If I’m not fresh when I wake up, how can I maintain energy through a long day of work and chores and be able to sit and practice.

Naps are awesome, but to recover from a lack of sleep takes more than a quick cat nap and does not guarantee recovery from fatigue of a long day. Worst still, that said nap could extend into that well scheduled practice time.

So the key to a productive practice session is not only effective time management, discipline to use that time productively, but also to monitor your energy. I have found that I have to be more realistic as to the activities I can manage in the time that I have and still be able to adhere to productive guitar practice. It’s a challenge for sure. Gone are the days of endless practice in the wee hours of the night and being able to sleep in until noon, A luxury of youth that has gone past.

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