For my esteemed vistiors, I entreat you to look through these pages and offer your criticisms and suggestions.  For my colleagues of classical guitar, please send me links to your pages and works with a description so that I may include them.  My goal is to promote classical guitar, both as a guitarist, and as an educator in the community.  I make no claims as to being an authority of the matter of classical guitar, but that of a passionate participant in it’s work.  All items reflect my personal opinion based on my previous education and experience.  Any inclusion of copyrighted material is meant for the sole purpose of classical guitar promotion and in no means intended as an infingement.  Please notify me of any issues and I will immidiately correct the matter.  Likewise, if I have made an incorrect reference to a work or otherwise stated some item of misinformation to an individual, organization, or body of work, I offer my humble apologies, and upon notice of clarification, it will be rectified with the utmost speed.

A very big thanks to my family who have given me their unconditional blessings to pursue my study with classical guitar.  To my fellow classical guitarists, both beginner students, teachers and master artists, I am grateful for your support, encouragment and the inspiration you give.  With modern technology, it has brought the community of classical guitar closer together than it has ever been, and made such associations and friendships possible.  It is my hope that I can continue to emulate the support that I have recieved and contribute back to the community that has so enriched my life.

I would also like to extend a special note of thanks to the Regina Classical Guitar Society board and members for their hard work and committment to classical guitar.  I am very privileged to be able to work with such a great and diverse group of people, and share with them the passion of classical guitar and music.  Without your work and dedication, there would be no progress of classical guitar in our community.


Derek Arvidson

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