Just started the process to legally register 8va Classical Guitar Studio.  In the next couple of weeks all should be in operational order and running proper and legal.  Why go through the effort of registration, application fees and city licensing, especially when most guitar teachers don’t?  This is an important process for a legitimate teaching facility, it demonstrates a compliance to regulation and stability for for the business, students and the community.  Also, it is a legality for running a business in the city of Regina.  It’s true, most guitar teachers don’t do this, most guitar teachers don’t claim their income on their taxes.  Talking with established piano teachers in the community, I have found that most piano teachers have their businesses registered.  True, established piano teachers also make a significantly larger amount of money in the operation of their business as well.  So this is just one more step I am making to legitimately establish classical guitar in the community and for my students.

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