My weekend is done, and I return to my other life.  The job that pays me my livelyhood!  I hope you enjoy this site.  This is just one aspect of my work with classical guitar as I work to establish 8va Classical Guitar Studio into a functioning entity.  I will continue to update and expand the resources presented here for the benifit of both my students, the community and for classical guitar as a whole. Feel free to comment, make suggestions and to recommed links and references to any resource you may have for classical guitar.  I am looking to support other guitarists, and especially for other teachers.  I will be starting a Teachers page in the very near future to list those in the community who teach classical guitar, along with a link and description.  I would like to incorporate a section for NON-classical guitar guitarists as well, as I find I often have inquiries for those from the public.

Thanks and have a good weekend everyone!!


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