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8va Classical Guitar Youth program is a unique music program for students learn to play classical guitar solo as well as in duet and ensemble groups. There is no competition in class. Through positive peer support in class all students are able to develop and build self confidence. They learn discipline and how to strive for excellence. They further build their confidence in their art through unique performance opportunities. These performances help to develop a deeper connection to our community and build strong personal character through direct involvement for worthy community events. What’s more, they have a whole lot of fun! 8va Classical Guitar Studio also offers outreach and sponsorship to those in need or otherwise would be limited to participate in musical programs. Every child deserves the opportunity to express themselves, explore their passion learning an instrument, and grow personally through the study of music.

8va Classical guitar program is designed to be especially affordable and to deliver the best opportunities for the learning of classical guitar. Classes are 1 hour per week, with a limit to 4 students per class. Maximizing teacher to student learning while allowing for duet studies and for group studies. The guitar ensembles incorporate the skills to work together with a focus on the larger group ensemble and guitar orchestra studies as appropriate.

The course rate is $10 per 1 hour lesson with a maximum of 4 students per class.  Course fees include ensemble workshops.


A one time non-refundable registration fee to 8va Classical Guitar Studio is required of all students entering into any of the educational classes.

All students prior to being accepted by 8va Classical Guitar are subject to interview and application process.  This is to ensure a complete understanding between teacher, student and studio as to the level and commitment for study, and the needs to best fulfill successful experience for the student.

All lessons are paid for by post dated cheques for the regular season for months from September to June.  Flex Classes are paid for in their entirety at time of registration.

REGISTRATION FEE:  $40, one time non-refundable

Regular Weekly Classes:   $17 per half hour lesson

Bi-weekly Classes:  $20 per half hour class every other week

Workshops:  There will be at various times through the season open group workshops free to all students.

There will also be specific workshops for the purpose of ensemble and performance work.

Cancellations & Missed Classes, Make-Up Classes:

All classes require 1 months written notice for cancellation.

Lack of attendance does not constitute notice of cancellation.


Missed Classes:  Make up classes are only arranged for medical or family emergencies without notice.  A one weeks written notice must be submitted for a make up class.  There are no make up classes for missed group classes.

Make up classes due to illness or scheduling conflicts will be arranged at studio convenience and is an offer of courtesy and not of obligation. There are no refunds to missed classes.


Classes Cancelled by Studio:

There will be no charge for any class that is cancelled by 8va Classical Guitar Studio for which no make up class is available.


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