8va Classical Guitar offers a variety of class options to best suit its students, their lifestyle and schedule needs.

We offer regular weekly private one on one classes as well as bi-weekly classes to allow for more time between classes for review and study.

Our Flex Time classes allow you to purchase lesson time and book your classes when you want them.  Classes are booked one week in advance and are pending studio availability.

Group classes are an economical option for those who wish to enter in as a class of 2 or more students.
Group classes are an hour in length and classes are contracted as an entire unit with the hour fee divided among the class.

A one time non-refundable registration fee to 8va Classical Guitar Studio is required of all students entering into any of the educational classes.

All students prior to being accepted by 8va Classical Guitar are subject to interview and application process.  This is to ensure a complete understanding between teacher, student and studio as to the level and commitment for study, and the needs to best fulfill successful experience for the student.

All lessons are paid for by post dated cheques for the regular season for months from September to June.  Flex Classes are paid for in their entirety at time of registration.

REGISTRATION FEE:  $40, one time non-refundable

Regular Weekly Classes:   $17 per half hour lesson

Bi-weekly Classes:  $20 per half hour class every other week

Flex Time Classes:  $20 per half hour class, booked in advance for 12 classes ( 3 months equivalent to full time classes )

Group Class: $40 per hour  ( Hour fee divided among entire class for one hour )

Group Workshops:  There will be at various times through the season as time permits, group workshops free to all students.

There will also be specific workshops for the purpose of ensemble and performance work.  Rates for these workshops will be announced as they are posted.

Cancellations & Missed Classes, Make-Up Classes:

All classes require 1 months written notice for cancellation.  For Flex Time classes, this means 4 lessons prior notice to cancelling.

Lack of attendance does not constitute notice of cancellation.

Upon cancellation of a member of a group class, the entire class will be cancelled.  If the class wishes to continue, a new rate based on remaining students will be applied.

Missed Classes:  Make up classes are only arranged for medical or family emergencies without notice.  A one weeks written notice must be submitted for a make up class.

Make up classes due to illness or scheduling conflicts will be arranged at studio convenience and is an offer of courtesy and not of obligation. There are no refunds to missed classes.

Please Note:  For group classes, there are no make up classes for any individual who misses the class.

Classes Cancelled by Studio:

Any lesson that is cancelled by the studio will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience for the student and studio.


8va Classical Guitar has a strong community commitment and this is reflected by the offering of free classical guitar classes for first time students.  Offering just a single one time free lesson does not give a new guitarist a full appreciation for either the instructor or the art of classical guitar, or justify the investment in a quality instrument.  With 8va Classical Guitar Studio, I am interested in cultivating the best opportunity for each student to begin learning classical guitar.

Free classes are only offered to new classical guitar students to 8va Classical Guitar Studio while space is available for the free classical guitar program.

Non-refundable registration fee is still required.

The offering of free classical guitar lessons allows the student to invest in a quality musical instrument without compromising their learning experience with qualified professional lessons.  All students MUST acquire a classical guitar and required accessories ( foot stool, metronome and tuner ) to participate in any free classical guitar lessons offered by 8va Classical Guitar Studio.

Please note, the classes offered are free, but my time is not.  It is therefore mandatory that attendance to all free classes are maintained.  ANY missed class by the student, regardless of illness or emergency, may result in cancellation of the free classes.  Please discuss this matter prior to registering with any free classes offered by 8va Classical Guitar Studio.


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