8va Classical Guitar Studio follows the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus for all students for a consistent, progressive graded development.  Testing is not mandatory, nor is it required for every grade.  Each student will progress at their own rate, ability and determination.  Although with practice each student will progress, there is no demand that any student progresses at a determined minimum rate.  This would be counter productive to those who wish to pursue classical guitar as a relaxing hobby.

For the younger students, 8va Classical Guitar is utilizing, in addition to RCM material, “Classical Guitar For Young People.” by Dr. Matthew Hinsley.  This is a strong method book aimed for the young learner with the focus of having the student creating vibrant music from the very start.  This fosters an intimacy with music and a feeling of immediate involvement with their chosen instrument.

8va Classical Guitar is also working on bringing a unique education program to Regina for the guitar.  “guitarcurriculum.com” is an undertaking from Austin Classical Guitar Society for musical outreach.   It is a world wide program that delivers content and education to support the development and advancement of guitar education in a classroom environment and student performance.  guitarcurriculum.com provides uniquely orchestrated material to allow students of varying levels to perform together as an ensemble or guitar orchestra.  In the United States, guitarcurriculum.com is incorporated from coast to coast with hundreds of students.  The program is now international being utilized all over the world.  In Canada, there are 3 locations utilizing guitarcurriculum.com, Ottawa, Alberta and now in Saskatchewan through 8va Classical Guitar Studios.

8va Classical Guitar Studio has a strong focus for performance.  When you play classical guitar by yourself for your own relaxation and enjoyment or play a single piece or two for a friend or for family, you are performing!  It is very important for each student to understand the aspects and processes involved in performing.  8va Classical Guitar works to develop student ensembles and provide opportunities for performances at various levels appropriate to each student. These will include workshops, private student recitals, public recitals and also a year end project.  In this fashion, 8va Classical Guitar Studio is uniquely different from any other private studio or lessons offered by private teachers.  I make great effort to offer variety, options and opportunity for every one of my students so that they may grow and develop in their own unique way while offering a connection to their fellow students through studio events.

For questions or to find out more about myself and 8va Classical Guitar Studio:

email guitar8va@gmail.com or call 306-527-8861

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