8va Classical Guitar Studio strives to provide a safe, professional high quality environment for the study of classical guitar.  The goal is to maintain a comfortable ergonomic space that will inspire and allow students to focus on their lessons free from nuisance of distraction and substandard facilities.  8va Classical Guitar Studio aims to provide an enhanced student learning experience using the latest technology and learning tools customized for each student.



As the instructor at 8va Classical Guitar Studio, I am committed to continually develop myself as a classical guitarist.  I am dedicated to ongoing development of my technique and musical understanding through advanced training, continual performance and to actively work to expand my repertoire.  With my study, experience and continual practice, I look to deliver a strong fundamental knowledge to each student in a fashion that best suits their individual needs.  I am also committed to developing and promoting classical guitar to further support the classical guitar industry for the benefit all, students and community alike.



Study of classical guitar requires constant and dedicated study of classical technique.  Some guitar instructors are familiar with some aspects of classical guitar and can give their students a brief introduction to classical style.  They may even be able to work with them through a piece or two.  The forte of these guitarists is not with classical guitar but some other style, such as rock, metal or country.  Likewise, other guitar instructors teach by a progression of learning cover songs with some technique specific to their style and minimal theory.  At 8va Classical Guitar Studio, the focus is purely on classical style and theory.  Courses are structured through standard educational methodology, resources and following the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus.  Students can earn certificates, performance medals and high school credit through RCM grading.  Studying with 8va Classical Guitar Studio will start you on that path.



Classical guitar is not for everyone.  It requires a modest commitment to practice for a student to progress.  If you are looking to explore classical guitar, 8va Classical Guitar Studio has a program that is right for you.  I offer regular weekly private classes, weekly group classes, part time bi-weekly private classes and a flexible study option where you choose the time and date that best suit your needs and when you want them, the choice is yours.

Students are required to have a classical guitar, foot rest or other support, tuner, binder and binder folders for sheet music and a metronome. As well, certain books and study resources will be required throughout the course of lessons.

Applying to 8va Classical Guitar Studio is dependent on a successful interview, agreement of the Studio Policy and availability of studio time.



For those interested in learning classical guitar who are not within the Regina area, 8va Classical Guitar Studio offers a learning program for rural areas.  This involves the combination of video lessons, as well as in person lessons, both in Regina and also in the students home.  Arrangements will be made on availability and on a case by case situation.  Contact me for more information and to provide further details for consideration.  Students will require additionally a high speed internet connection, web cam and adequate microphone.

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