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It’s a busy world, school, work, activities, functions and events.  There are so many demands on time and money.  It becomes hard to decide where to draw a line for the spending budget, or making effort for an additional activity.  The addition for musical study for kids is never wrong.  That is provided that the child is interested and willing to practice.  Likewise, it’s important that no matter what instrument is chosen, that you find a qualified, dedicated teacher.  There are always those neighbourhood kids that are good at guitar, who will be happy to show your child how to play guitar some.  Not always a bad idea, can be convenient and can be great fun. Likewise, it can be a gateway to more serious learning.  Take for instance, Steve Vai, showing up on Joe Satriani’s doorstep with a guitar without any strings in one hand, and a pack of strings in the other asking for lessons.  Neither one did too badly thereafter at all.

Enrolling your child in legitimate music lessons however does not have to be expensive.  Any legitimate music studio will issue receipts that are applicable for the Child Arts Tax Credit, which is always a help at tax time.

Currently space at 8va Classical Guitar Studio is very limited.  For any prospective student that is interested in classical guitar lessons, I will do my very best to accommodate.  My focus is for providing opportunities for learning, and I will make every effort so that no child should have to miss out.

To inquire about lesson times or for questions regarding 8va Classical Guitar Studio, call 306-527-8861, or email at guitar8va@gmail.com.


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It’s one week until the start of the 2015/16 school year.  Wishing everyone the best in their preparations and back to school supplies shopping.

I have been negligent in updating the web page, so here we go, back on track.  We have gone through some major renovations in our home which has resulted in the physical dismantling of 8va Classica Guitar Studio.  As a result, lessons are now being taught in the living room.  While not my ideal setup, it is by far, not a bad one.  We have the benefit of ambiance of a grand bay window, lots of natural light and fresh air during the summer.  If I had my way, I would permanently set my studio up there, except it would not be well received by the rest of the family.  We are undergoing further renovations and work that will need to be completed before I can start the renovations for the guitar studio.

Once the renovations are complete, 8va Studio will be brighter, more comprehensive and musical than before!  We will have a student waiting area and bathroom, as well as a refreshment center for parents and waiting students.  There will even be a play area for students younger siblings.  I will also continue to make efforts to provide the best learning atmosphere for the study of classical guitar, providing all proper necessities and more for the comfort and convenience for students and music study.

I am very encouraged by the progress and enthusiasm of my students.  Seeing their excitement with each achievement and resolve to surpass new musical challenges is a great reward.  The byproduct of this learning is beautiful music.  Student achievements so far for this summer include students learning to read music and developing early sight reading strategies, playing through their first RCM graded piece, and the start of the first duet piece.  Work also included detailed attention for proper technique, developing technical exercises and scales.

I am especially excited for my youngest student.  Having such a young start with classical guitar and their current progress is very promising.  You never go wrong with music!