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Finding the right teacher is so very important.  You might like your teacher because they are in a cool rock band, or you get along really well and you enjoy the lessons.  That is fine for in a social or hobby perspective, you are learning some, but you really enjoy the time spent and that’s what’s important for you.

If however, your goal is to learn to play classical guitar, you have to ask seriously ask yourself and your teacher a couple questions.  First, can they play classical guitar?  Do they really know the material and especially, the technique?  Second, can they teach the technique and material?

The classical guitar technique books are awesome, no doubt about that, but to understand the technique goes beyond a picture and couple paragraphs in a book.  Can your teacher sit down and explain the fundamental techniques to you, and adjust your lessons to your individual needs.  It’s more than just telling you to curve your fingers, straighten your wrist, your teacher needs to be able to help you understand the form and develop practices that will focus on improving your fundamental technique.

After a few lessons, your teacher should have a small checklist of things specific for you to check when you are at home practicing on your own that will help reinforce your technique, and you will not be able to find that specific checklist in any book.  They are specific to you.  This short checklist will change as you progress, and they will begin to focus more on refinement as opposed to generalizations.

To choose the right teacher you have to know what are your own personal goals.  What objectives do you wish to achieve?  Are you interested in only playing a few easy pieces for your own enjoyment, are seriously looking at advancing in ability, perhaps maybe to proceed to college or university?   Your goals my change over time.  What may have been a casual interest for you in time may blossom into a passion for greater things.

So the final thing to consider for your teacher is what are their goals for you?  Are you just a regular paycheque for them?  How far are they willing to take you with their lessons?  What is their plan for you to help you move on to bigger and better things, are they willing to let you go to explore elsewhere, and if you do, are you welcome to come back?

With 8va Classical Guitar Studio, I strive to provide for the needs of my students.  I am constantly looking for ways to improve both my teaching skills and to address the many unique needs of my students as everyone has their own special circumstances in regards to lessons.

As well as lessons, I work at developing the market in Regina for classical guitar.  Connecting with as many resources and venues as possible.  This will provide opportunities for my students to explore beyond the confines of my studio.   It is my desire to provide opportunities for my students to connect with higher learning for music.  Collaborating with other musicians and teachers as well as having opportunities to perform.

Registering with 8va Classical Guitar Studio is your key to an open door of music learning.  One where the student and learning is the most important.  Policies are a formality while learning is the reality.  If you are interested in learning classical guitar, ask to find out how lessons with 8va Classical Guitar Studio would work for you.  If you want to know more about classical guitar, feel free to inquire with me as I am more than happy to discuss all aspects of classical guitar and activities related to classical guitar in Regina.